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Do you ever feel a longing to connect and be heard on a deeper level at work or in personal relationships?

You are not alone!

Superficial interactions in our face-to-face conversations and on social media are leaving us feeling empty, lonely, and disconnected, with an ache that is real. Consequences to our business and personal lives are devastating.

It’s time for a better way! A Soulful Listening™ keynote, workshop, or podcasts appearance helps bridge disconnect and inspires deeper, authentic, fulfilling communications in business and personal interactions.

Terri Lonowski created a five-component approach, culminating from years of personal and professional experiences, and inspired by her Grandma Helga, which offers a roadmap for embodying evolutionary communication skills ~ one Soulful Listening™ conversation at a time.

Terri L. Lonowski, M.Ed.

Terri L. Lonowski, M.Ed.


October 2021: TEDxWestMonroe, TEDxWestMonroe, TEDxSpeaker “Nobody’s Listening and it’s Killing Us”

June 2021: Indiana Head Start Association Leadership Conference Keynote. “Soulful Listening™ – Evolutionary Communication for a Positive Work Environment”

Soulful Listening Event

February 6, 2019: Soulful Listening™ Event, hosted at Buckhead Club – Click for Photos

The Pace Cetters

November 13, 2019
The Pace Cetters
hosted in Atlanta, GA – Click for Photos

Minneapolis Event

September 28, 2019: 30 N 1st Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401,  Click for Photos

Own Your Impact Event

April 1, 2019: “Own Your Impact: Inspired Growth & Development”; Nice, France, – Click for Photos


Terri Lonowski devotes her wisdom and energy to healing the communication divide that we, as human beings, experience in our relationships. Terri earned a M.Ed in Educational Psychology from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and has made significant professional contributions throughout her career including: serving as the chair of American Counseling Association Foundation, representing over 40,000 professional counselors nationwide; holding a gubernatorial appointment to the Nebraska State Workforce Investment Board; and leading human centered design national teams, not once but twice, to showcase Workforce Innovations at The White House.

Through her own soul-searching, inspiration from her Grandma Helga, and moved by the devastation of loneliness and the pain of not being heard, Terri distinguished five elements of Soulful Listening™. When applied to our lives they can ease feelings of loneliness, create fulfilling connections and inspire greater potential. Terri is founder and practitioner of the Soulful Listening™ approach, a 2021 TEDxSpeaker, a master facilitator and a highly sought after national and international speaker.


“When we truly take care of ourselves and become fully present, we bring a quality of grace into every interaction”.

– Terri Lonowski

Soulful Listening™ inspires the courage and audacity to imagine a better way and deconstructs limitations.”

– Terri Lonowski

One Soulful Listening™ conversation has the power to change the trajectory of a person’s life.”

– Terri Lonowski