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Do you ever feel a longing to connect and be heard on a deeper level at work or in personal relationships?

You are not alone!

Superficial interactions in our face-to-face conversations and on social media are leaving us feeling empty, lonely, and disconnected, with an ache that is real. Consequences to our business and personal lives are devastating.

It’s time for a better way! A Soulful Listening® keynote, workshop, or podcasts appearance helps bridge disconnect and inspires deeper, authentic, fulfilling communications in business and personal interactions.

Terri Lonowski created a five-component approach, culminating from years of personal and professional experiences, and inspired by her Grandma Helga, which offers a roadmap for embodying Evolutionary Listening™ and communication skills ~ one Soulful Listening® conversation at a time.

Terri L. Lonowski, M.Ed.

Terri L. Lonowski, M.Ed.



“When we truly take care of ourselves and become fully present, we bring a quality of grace into every interaction”.

– Terri Lonowski

Soulful Listening® inspires the courage and audacity to imagine a better way and deconstructs limitations.”

– Terri Lonowski

One Soulful Listening® conversation has the power to change the trajectory of a person’s life.”

– Terri Lonowski